How YouTube star Elle of the Mills came out is going to fill your hearts with rainbows

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YouTube star Elle Mills has posted her coming out video and the heartwarming video will make you feel things.

Elle talks about finding guys attractive, showcasing even her first ever crush, along with other guys in the montage. However, she adds, “Deep down I knew there were other attractions as well.”

In the latter part of the video, she gathered family and friends, describing to them what her crush looks like, and in return, they’d have to draw her crush. All of them tried their best to draw her crush, but all of their outputs had one thing in common — they all drew a stick figure guy.

Then afterwards, she showed her loved ones what her actual crush looks like and all of them were happy for her — some were even crying. Others gave Elle a big, warm hug.

Three days before coming out to her family, she said, while sobbing, “I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little scared. Growing up, there’s always been an undertone about the LGBTQ+ community. But I’m scared that my relationships with people with my life right now are gonna be different.”

“People are going to look at me differently. Certain family members and friends won’t wanna be friends with me the way we used to be. It’s like I have this heavy weight¬†on my chest. It’s been something that’s been an elephant in the room in my life for a long time.”

“I’ve been feeling really depressed for the past few months because of it. I just wanna be able to like someone and be able to tell my mom or my other friends.”

And when the day finally came, Elle told her mom in the best possible way and it was such a touching moment.

“I accept you for who you are, you know that right?” her mom said before the two hugged.

Elle ends the video by saying, “Hi, I’m Elle Mills, and I’m bisexual.”

It’s an inspiring video which¬†will open your eyes to the struggles and the triumphs of the LGBT community.