How the recent Oscar nominations show us that the Academy is still exclusive


From Dolly De Leon’s nomination snob to Michelle Yeoh being the first Asian after 88 years to get nominated for Best Actress, the Academy is not beating the exclusive and white-centric allegations. 

Last January 25, the nominees for the 2023 Academy Awards were announced and the Internet had a few notes. Previously reported by BuzzFeed, Hollywood Reporter, and Variety, this year has been a big year for Asians in Hollywood. Although the Internet loves a good comeback, why only now can actors like Ke Huy Quan get recognized for their talent, let alone be represented enough, to return to working in the industry? 

In fact, Asian American Actors getting nominated for awards shouldn’t be that rare of an occurrence for it to require headlines in 2023. Stephanie Hsu (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once) and Hong Chau (The Whale) was said to have made history this year by both being nominated in the Actress in a Supporting Role category. Meanwhile, five white males continue to be nominated in the same category and we don’t see that break the news because it’s such a common thing to happen.

This is not even talking about how Michelle Yeoh is only the second actor of Asian descent to be nominated under the Best Actress category in 88 years. To this day, Halle Berry also remains to be the only actress of color to have been able to win the award. It has been 21 years since her win.

The Internet hasn’t even forgotten about the nomination Dolly de Leon (Triangle of Sadness) deserved to have but was snubbed.

Whereas the Internet was shocked that Angela Bassett is surprisingly just the fourth actress of color to receive a second Oscar nomination following Whoopi Goldberg, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer.

It has been 95 years since the first Oscars and the Internet has only deduced that the Academy has to do much better in making things more inclusive for creatives of color as the stats speak for themselves on how predominantly white and arguably racist the awards still are in this day and age.

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