How ‘500 Days of Summer’ should have ended: ‘Happy Anniversary’ is an alternate universe by Netflix

Kaka Corral
Happy Anniversary

Netflix’s “Happy Anniversary” shows us what a true anniversary really is – a day full of surprises.

Ben Schwartz’s Sam and Noël Wells’ Mollie have been together for three years and it’s time for them to decide at the crossroads if they want to move forward or call it quits.

Director Jared Stern made sure to keep the pvblic on the hook of the rom-com, having bits of humor here and there. The thirty-something couple is about to celebrate their third year of being together, but when Mollie blurts out she isn’t happy, everything becomes a blur for Sam.

Mollie remembers the days when they just can’t stand each other when everything would be closed doors, subtle whispers of annoyance, and just plain anger. Mollie asks him what makes him so darn sure about them, and Sam reminisces about their happiest days. During the conversation, Mollie says, “I just want the most-perfect version of imperfectness.”

Happy Anniversary

Sam’s indecisive, while Mollie is idealistic. Mollie has fears about their relationship which stem from external factors and what she thinks happiness looks like in other people’s relationships. When she decides to spend time away from Sam, the story takes us into flashbacks of the time they met, the multiple fights they’ve had (as like other couples), their nicest memories, their little best sex moments, and the likes.

It’s good to spend a little time away to see the bigger picture, and to see if you’re taking your SO for granted, for their simple presence is a present, as they always say. Never forget that.

The film has a similar vibe to the likes of “500 Days of Summer”, with Summer not being sure with Tom and Tom all head over heels for her. We all know the ending to that one.

500 Days of Summer

But this one – ah, Happy Anniversary gives the pvblic an alternate ending – the right ending we’ve been hoping for. Schwartz and Wells are known to play quirky side characters, but Stern knew these two had potential to bring something new to the table. The chemistry is a no-brainer and the formula was perfect.

Of course, no one knows if a relationship will last forever, we just have to hope. There’s a huge wave of uncertainty for both Mollie and Sam, but in the end, the willingness to face that uncertainty together is all you really need in a relationship. Reassurance is all you really need.

Title by: Jia Mercado

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