HONNE says their collab with NIKI is a ‘magical coincidence’


What would you answer if someone asks you this: Let’s Just Say the World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do? It might make you overthink a little, but your reply will actually mirror the things you deeply care about. It also happens to be the title of HONNE’s third studio album that provides glimpses to the band’s answer to the self-reflective question.

The London duo James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck shared their response in an online huddle. James went first, ‘I think the truth is we’re both really family-oriented people. Our family is from the countryside, so we’d go back home and just hang out.’

‘A bit of a boring answer, but that’s the reality,’ he pointed out. ‘All that matters is family and love and having nice people around you, isn’t it?’

Andy swooped in and gave a highly relatable answer, ‘[I would] just eat any food that I could get my hands on and not worry about body weight. Just go for it even if you got a few days left.’

HONNE, <b> HONNE says their collab with NIKI is a &#8216;magical coincidence&#8217; </b>
Photo Courtesy of HONNE

One of their current hit songs What Would You Do? was written before the pandemic started, but it coincidentally managed to capture our lingering thoughts on the current situation of the world. The song encourages its listeners to act on what they want to do because no one knows when the world will actually “end”. It then became the album’s blueprint as it sums up its lyrical and musical intentions.

The upcoming record still holds songs that are true to their band’s name HONNE, which translates to “a person’s true feelings” in Japanese. Andy shared that they usually wrote about things that were close to them, ‘A lot of the songs are kind of about love and relationships… I just write about what I know and that hasn’t changed for the last 14 years.’

While the band never fails to surprise listeners with their featured artists, James shared that songwriting is always at the center of creating music before they choose who to collaborate with. He explained, ‘Sometimes it could be quite quick. Like we’ll have written a bit of the song, and we’ll immediately think, ‘oh how good will NIKI be on this or how good will Khalid be on this,’ and then we message them and try to make it happen.’

Bumping into 88rising’s NIKI is a fond memory for Andy. Coming Home, the song they eventually collaborated on wasn’t completely finished at that time, but it was as if the universe was on their side and they still managed to get her on board. He explained, ‘It kind of was a magical coincidence that she was just in the right place at the right time, and we were big fans. And she’s a big fan of us. So, there you go. Perfect.’

Apart from the 88rising star, the album will feature tracks with Khalid, Griff, Pink Sweat$, Sofía Valdés, and more. Some of the new songs were also co-written by other prominent singer-songwriters such as Arlo Parks, Sam Smith, and MNEK. See the full tracklist below:

1. IDGAF About Pain
2. Coming Home (feat. NIKI)
3. What Would You Do? (feat. Pink Sweat$)
4. Dancing On A Cloud
5. Now I’m Alone (feat. Sofía Valdés)
6. Three Strikes (feat. Khalid)
7. Talk To Me
8. Back On Top (feat. Griff)
9. Easy On Me
10. I’m The Lucky One
11. Heartsong

HONNE, <b> HONNE says their collab with NIKI is a &#8216;magical coincidence&#8217; </b>
Photo Courtesy of Globe

While waiting for their album to drop on October 22, you can watch HONNE perform live at The G Music Fest, a free online two-day concert from September 25 to 26. Streaming live on Globe’s official Facebook page, the music festival will feature other local and international acts such as Beka, Vance Joy, SB19, Alamat, Silent Sanctuary, I Belong to the Zoo, December Avenue, and The Juans.

Andy believes that the online concert will be a great time for their audience to reminisce hearing live music even if it’s on-screen, ‘I know it’s not in real life and in front of you physically. But it’s nice to have the opportunity to be able to play music with some old songs or some brand new songs for you guys in the Philippines.’

‘It would be really nice for us to be with our band again, playing with real musicians again, so that’s also gonna be really exhilarating for us,’ James added. ‘We’re just happy to have the opportunity to do it because it’s been a long time since we’ve played [with a] full band.’

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