A Norweigan Parliament member has nominated Hongkongers for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for their ongoing anti-government protests for democracy and autonomy.

I have nominated the people of Hong Kong, who risk their lives and security every day to stand up for freedom of speech and basic democracy.’, said Norway’s Guri Melby.

What they do has an impact far beyond Hong Kong, both in the region and in the rest of the world.’


ICYDK: Since June, Hongkongers have been in the middle of a violent stand-off between HK police in response to proposals allowing the extradition of HK convicts to mainland China.

Protestors are worried that the extradition bill could compromise HK’s independence from China, giving power to the Chinese gov’t to subject their critics to unjust trials and unlawful arrests.

HK leader Carrie Lam agreed to suspend the extradition bill last September, but demonstrations have since evolved into large protests for full autonomy and police accountability.

hong kong, ‘People of Hong Kong’ nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

Fueled by anger toward the police and a push for civil liberties, the once-peaceful demonstrations have grown into a broader violent mass movement to protect HK’s democracy.

Numerous accounts of police and citizen brutality have surfaced in the past months, including an HK teenager being shot in the chest, Molotov cocktails and petrol bombs thrown by protesters, and a protest group leader brutally beaten with hammers.

hong kong, ‘People of Hong Kong’ nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

If Hong Kong does bag the Nobel Peace Prize win, it could be a huge middle finger from an entire population fighting against the prospect of being controlled by superpower China.

The Nobel Committee still has to choose from over 300 candidates. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was given to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his peace talks efforts between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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