#HereTogether: Are you ready for the #PrideMarch this 2017? You’re all invited!

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This June, the LGBTQIA+ community as well as its allies align for the annual Metro Manila Pride March this coming June 24, 2017.

Pride March co-coordinators Loreen Ordoño and Nicky Castillo told GMA that this year’s theme, #HereTogether, pertains to history and everything that is yet to be done and said for the community.

“The Pride March is a space for people who do not have that kind of acceptance in the home. They can come here among strangers, among people they don’t know and who you might never see again…and you feel safe and you feel like you’re home. That’s the reason why we still need it,” Castillo said.

The Pride March is a place which Ordoño defines as “a place wherein you are free to be who you are, to be your authentic self, to live your truth.”

“You can’t be a fully-functional member of society if you are not you,” she added.

The 2017 venue is the Plaza de los Alcaldes on Ju. Chanyungco St. in front of the Marikina City Hall and they’ve got a lineup of activities for everyone to enjoy!


#HereTogether’s just got a few reminders:

Here’s how to get there

And the map

This is where you’ll march!


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