Here’s why Wildcats have to block January 20 for HSM

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Who wouldn’t want to see them back, all grown up, in one room? You saw them singing and grooving, probably joined them while in your bed room, yeah? Well a treat is coming for you Wildcats, because our favorite high school movie characters are bound to be back together!

Disney’s website stated that the group taped the nostalgic interstitial segments at a high school gymnasium in suburban Los Angeles. Zac Efron who played as Troy Bolton will only join the telecast in a pre-taped message to High School Musical fans. Don’t worry, they’re still together!

The High School Musical special telecast will air on January 20, Wednesday at 8pm ET on the Disney Channel. Who’s excited?

The first HSM movie was released last January 26, 2006, having US viewership at a whopping 7.7 million total viewers, the highest ratings for any Disney Channel telecast at that period.

That’s all we have so far…

Oh wait, look at this. They’ve been through a lot. Just look at them

Trying to hold your tears?
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