Here’s why Heneral Luna should be a nominee of the Golden Globes

We The Pvblic

The Golden Globes, for its 73rd year, has released the list of short listed films under the Best Foreign Language film category here! Among the 71 films, one hails from the Philippines – the film that we have all seen… (drum roll) Heneral Luna!

Five nominees will be declared tomorrow, December 10, 8 A.M. Eastern Time (Thursday, 9 P.M., PHT) and the grand winner of the category will be named during the awards ceremony on January 10, 2016.

So before they release the final list of nominees in less than 36 hours, let’s look back at the greatness of Heneral Luna:

The movie is delightful, inspiring, deeply entertaining, and historic – very very Pinoy!

The casting – uh, just brilliant 2.3




And did we forget to mention its cinematography?   


Heneral Luna’s spunk while riding that horse to attack the American battalion and not getting hit by the bullets… No one has done that yet, yeah?


And of course, the film is a biopic of our country’s historic clamor of freedom, and it gets better than that!


If the Philippines conquered the colonization of Spain, Great Britain, America and Japan, can Heneral Luna’s power do it, now, in the Golden Globes?
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