ICYMI, Liza Soberano has been on a tear recently. Not with her acting chops, but on her choice to speak up about key issues. She became a spokesperson for Gabriela on women’s rights, she voiced her concern on Tililing’s controversial mental health stance, and now, she’s calling out PH’s slow procurement of vaccines – and the effect it has on everyday folk.

Liza’s choice to speak up doesn’t come without a price. One look at the comments sections and you’ll see her being roasted by pro-government supporters. She’s either too pakialamera (nosy) or supposedly lacks the right to talk because she isn’t a politician.

Previously, the possibility of her death was also floated after being red-tagged by a high-ranking military official. But still, she continues to trudge on, haters be damned. Her ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude is what I believe is lacking among Filipino influencers overall.

Liza, <b> Here&#8217;s to more influencers having the balls to speak up </b>

Look, I don’t expect every person of influence to pick up a placard and join a rally, a la Angel Locsin. But goddamnit, at least have your voices heard once in a while.

It grinds my gears whenever a known vlogger would say that it’s not their place to do so. They seem to forget that influencing is a power. The power to create discussions and raise awareness. It’s the reason they get paid big bucks to talk about the newest smartphone or fashion trend.

But as the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility. And despite the country’s numerous social controversies nowadays, it seems everyone’s still content with basking in the perks, but not all in the latter.

I’m actually envious of American influencers in this regard. As fucked up as their country is with their countless race and social issues, they have a John Boyega who’s willing to lose their voice shouting #BlackLivesMatter. Or a Jane Fonda who gets routinely arrested for being vocal about climate change. When was the last time you saw a Filipino celebrity advocate #StopTheKillings? Or #SaveLumadSchools?

Again, I’m not asking for influencers to go to extremes. Nor am I requesting an essay. But maybe, among their 1000 TikTok vids, IG posts, or podcasts, they can dedicate at least one to show their stance on pressing issues.

Liza, <b> Here&#8217;s to more influencers having the balls to speak up </b>

So props to Liza. Props to every person of influence who has the balls to speak out, donate, and use their power to make a difference. To break out of their safe spaces and advocate for change, even if it’ll cost them a few of those sweet, sweet influencer money.

God knows we need more people who give a sh*t about our country.

Liza, <b> Here&#8217;s to more influencers having the balls to speak up </b>