Here’s how people reacted to Jollibee’s new Ube pie!

We The Pvblic

Jollibee makes it a point to include ingredients Filipinos will certainly love in its conquest to create new flavors and new beginnings.


In recent news, Jollibee released a new flavor a fan favorite dessert — Ube pie. It’s for all the Ube-holic people out there, being only P29 per piece (P82/trio).

We know you all are hungry to know more about it, so we sought out the pvblic’s verdict and mostly, they were all pretty good reviews:

People were ecstatic.

Others were a bit sideways about it.

What can we say? Majority of the pvblic absolutely LOVED the new flavor. It all comes down to one’s discretion.

So go ahead and try it yourself and let everyone know your own thoughts on the ube pie!

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