Here’s a lolo who knows how to watch movies on the laptop

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Having a tough week? Your car broke down in the middle of EDSA? Or maybe you have to brace the rush hour commute as always and you left your phone somewhere. Or worse — heartbreak. Even worse? When there’s no more thigh part for your chicken craving.

We’ve been there. We know how hard it is to live out your best life, but trust us, if you let yourself, it will be all worth it.

Twitter user Kiko Aurellano shared a photo of 90-year-old Mr. Pagsi in front of a computer. He says, “Nung binisita ko siya, nakangiti niyang pinakita sa akin ang laptop niya. Siya mismo ang nag-on, nag-type ng password, at nagpakita ng files na may movies at series. Sa bawat pag-click niya, sinasabi niya kung anong mangyayari.”

What a cutie!

Onofre R. Pagsanghan, or better known as Mr. Pagsi, is a teacher and screenplay writer from the Ateneo de Manila High School.

Mr. Pagsi’s only concern is when he and Mrs. Pagsi start watching a movie and plug in the charger, the brightness of the screen dims. Kiko took the time to teach Mr. Pagsi how to adjust the brightness. “Dun niya nilabas ang papel at panulat, tsaka sinulat ang mga sinabi ko.”

Protect Mr. Pagsi and Mrs. Pagsi at all costs.

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