WATCH: This is what ‘Saving Sally’ is all about

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This isn’t your typical indie movie.

Six years in the making, from 2010 to 2016, and it has finally reached its finish line. We must say, the end justifies the means.


And even if the story says this is your typical teen film about love, monsters and gadgets, it isn’t.

It’s more than that.

This is a story about the struggle of a young director, Avid Liongoren, putting this concept together, coming from humble beginnings with the highest ambition to “show it to our friends.” And Avid wanted to create a “visually delightful moving picture book” through live action, illustration, 3D characters and motion graphics in order to do this with utmost finesse.

This is a tale about two students dreaming to get into the College of Fine Arts, the boy (Enzo Marcos) who just happens to see unpleasant people as monsters, and the girl (Rhian Ramos) who happens to like inventing things namely tiny little robots and backpacks with octopus arms to help hang her laundry.

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Let’s not forget about her incredibly strict parents in the 21st century hindering the boy from seeing Sally with the stern set of rules given to her:  No cellphones, no house visits, no sleepovers.

rule bookrule book2

The only way he can visit Sally:

  1. A really good reason
  2. If parents are in a good mood
  3. Maximum visiting time: 30 minutes

Sally’s bedroom is definitely a no-no. And the boy totally sees Sally’s boyfriend (TJ Trinidad) as a dick too.


And the boy also tries to battle it out with the monsters who hurt Sally.


You can check out the previous trailers of the animated film too!