In celebration of Gundam’s 40th anniversary and Hello Kitty’s 45th, the two beloved Japanese icons have teamed up for an epic crossover because… they can? It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but hey, life’s too short to be critical anyways.

But in case you ever wondered who’s more powerful between the two, Hello Kitty proves that with age comes with advanced space powers, apparently. When Gundam pilot Amuro Ray is overwhelmed by enemy mechas, it’s up to HK to save him using heart shields and by turning villains into adorb, Sanrio versions of themselves.

hello kitty, <b> Hello Kitty &#038; Gundam just had a legit anime crossover </b>

The anniversary collaboration extends beyond the anime and includes a website, memorabilia featuring Hello Kitty in a Gundam suit,  and a merch-selling contest in Tokyo between the two, which saw Gundam coming out on top.

Watch the short below: