World-class Filipino Creativity meets World-class Brand

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Heineken just dropped a limited edition shirt collection celebrating world-class Filipino creativity by collaborating with some of the country’s best new artists. The Star Collection was created together with local artists to help Filipinos make a mark in the international art scene.

Brewing with the best talents

To come up with the creative shirt designs of the collection, Heineken tapped three local artists who are making a name for themselves here and abroad. Jappy Agoncillo, Anina Rubio, and Joseph Luna were chosen to create their own Heineken celebration designs showcasing their unique styles and direction. Each artist has his or her own story that was translated into designs for the limited edition shirts.

Jappy Agoncillo

An artist from Manila, Jappy specializes in murals, street art, and illustration. His art style exhibits dynamic visuals, bold use of colours, and is highly illustrative. From his love with comic books to skateboarding, he has developed art that reflects pop and counter culture.

Anina Rubio

Taking most of her inspiration from nature and travels, Anina creates visuals and murals with distinct botanical and marine elements. She uses these to raise awareness and promote earth conservation.

Joseph Luna

As a self-taught artist based in Cebu City, Joseph has developed skills in various styles in painting, illustrations, murals, concept arts, and animation. He gets inspiration from his passion for exploring something new and fresh to push his limitations in art.

Beer for the End of the Year

You can get these shirts just by buying Heineken products in your favorite bars, resto-bars, convenience stores, and supermarkets. This mirrors the celebration theme that Heineken is having for the end of the year. Being the star of celebrations, Heineken gives consumers the taste of quality and the feel of Filipino creativity.

You can catch their brand ambassadors in various bars and resto-bars around the metro and key cities every Thursday to Friday until December 15, 2018. By just buying a bucket, you get world-class beer and a limited edition apparel.

For those on-the-go, you can get your own shirt in any 7-eleven branch by buying two Heineken 4-packs starting November 21, 2018. Hosting or gifting to a party? Supermarkets will offer them as well by buying two Heineken 6-packs starting November 26, 2018, just perfect for many types of occasions.

Now that you know what to bring to your next party, don’t miss out on completing the collection and join the celebration! Find out more at #HeinekenPH #HeinekenStarCollection

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