‘Saving Sally’ creators are dropping an animated film about unfaithful animals

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The makers of the MMFF 2016 entry ‘Saving Sally’ is releasing another fresh, new Filipino animated movie.


Titled ‘Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story’, Rocketsheep Studio’s latest project follows talking animals and what seems to be their struggles with everyday life.

One storyline has been teased, which shows the conflict between saleslady cat Nimfa (Angelica Panganiban) and her boyfriend Roger (Robin Padilla) after the former was caught spending the night with another man.

The new flick will also feature voices from Sam Milby, Arci Munoz, and Empoy Marquez, with Saving Sally’s Avid Liongoren also making a return as director.

Rocketsheep Studio previously dropped a sneak peek of the film on their FB page. ‘Hayop Ka!’ is targeted for a release in 2019.

HAYOP KA! – Work In Progress – Sneak Peek

HAYOP KA! (You Son Of A Bitch!) is our new feature film that began production in 2017 & will see completion mid this year. We are very excited about it and are working very hard like ants. We are still a few months away from being able to string a proper trailer as the film is being made like a cake with all its ingredients laid out on the kitchen table being prepped individually. Baking comes in much later, there is no cake slice to taste for the mean time.Erratum: "Peek" not "Peak" XD Sorry, we relied too much on auto correct.Check out the film's initial teaser here: https://www.facebook.com/SpringFilms/videos/832509243611223/https://www.facebook.com/SpringFilms/videos/832509243611223/For more of our work, subscribe to youtube.com/RocketsheepStudio

Posted by Rocketsheep Studio on Khamis, 17 Januari 2019


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