(UPDATE) Hayley Williams drops music video for first solo single ‘Simmer’



Hayley Williams has finally dropped her first solo single ‘Simmer‘, complete with an eerie MV release. The track takes the ‘Paramore‘ frontman into a darker and gripping musical genre – with the MV details mirroring some of her teaser themes.

Hayley’s solo album officially titled ‘PETALS FOR ARMOR’ is set to drop on May 8.

Original story:

She’s got us where she wants us now

Following Paramore frontman Hayley Williams teasing her solo music this year, it seems like it’s sooner rather than later as she’s finally revealed a teaser vid for her new project titled ‘Petals for Armor’.

Instagram – @petalsforarmor

The super cryptic ‘Petals for Armor’ Instagram account only has one piece of evidence that connects to Hayley through a short forest clip with ‘1.22.2020’ flashing at the end. The rest of the posts feature zoomed-in shots of flowers dating way back from October, two months before Hayley even shared the project.

Meanwhile, the ‘Petals for Armor’ website only features the same 4-second video, if you’re down to hear Hayley’s heavy breathing on a loop.

Psyched fans have also apparently found various posters showcasing the new project around New York.


Is ‘Petals for Armor’ an album? Single? Compilation? No one knows for sure, but we’re here to see what happens next.

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