Hayley Williams calls back to Manila during these ‘Hard Times’


It might’ve been tough to notice given the current pandemic, but Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’ turned three years old yesterday. Much like the rest of After Laughter, the standout single dealt with themes of depression and anxiety with a new upbeat sound, making one of the band’s most critically-acclaimed outings – and our personal fave.

Hayley Williams celebrated the track with a throwback to Paramore’s third concert in Manila in 2018, calling it ‘very appropriate for these especially hard times’.


Hayley has been very open about her own personal struggles with mental health, once crediting her dog for helping her survive depression. She has also been dropping songs from her debut album Petals for Armor, which gives a more intimate look on her dealings with hurt and trauma. She isn’t immune to feeling down during the lockdown either.

But even with such a dour underlying message, there’s no denying that Hard Times is a bop. And if dancing and grooving to anxiety are what it takes to lessen our worries during this crisis, then we’re all in for this throwback.


Banner: MOA Arena