Despite not knowing how tf ‘Harvest Moon‘ worked, I could still remember 10-year-old me spending hours on the Game Boy Advance in a vain attempt to get an in-game pet and woo the ladies.

It seems that this confusing part of my childhood is due for a revival, as XSeed Games has revealed that it’s launching a remake of ‘Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the Nintendo Switch.

Harvest Moon, ICYMI: ‘Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town’ is getting a remakeRenamed ‘Story of Seasons‘, the game will still feature the same mechanics of the original, such as farming (duh) and pursuing relationships among the townsfolk.

But aside from the updated graphics and the ability to choose your gender, US Gamer theorizes that the remake might have a couple of new tricks up its sleeve; a common theme among the newer ‘Harvest Moon‘ iterations.

All would be revealed when ‘Story of Seasons’ drops on October 17 in Japan, with a wider release scheduled for a later date.