Harry Roque looking dead inside is a big 2020 mood

When you’re just… done

2020 has been a tough one. Volcanic eruption, a deadly virus, job losses, and mental health problems due to isolation haven’t made things easy. No one can blame Filipinos for being more pessimistic than any other point in history, as we face a year of uncertainty.

So when Harry Roque gave us his own soulless stare into the abyss during an interview with CNN’s Pinky Webb, we really understood. Sure, it was due to a technical glitch, but for 20 seconds, Roque became someone everyone could relate, hell, even sympathize with.

Roque, <b> Harry Roque looking dead inside is a big 2020 mood </b>

After all, being a Presidential Spokesperson means bearing the brunt of the pvblic’s criticism for your boss’ actions. Your words are always up to interpretation, which can lead to a notable outburst. Add in the fact that he works for the Duterte administration, and he pretty much has an impossible task at hand.

So Harry Roque looking like he was reconsidering every decision he had made up until the interview was understandable. Dealing with grief and acknowledging your mistakes is always a healthy practice. They even have an emoji for it.

But of course, good things don’t last. The interview eventually resumed, and Roque once again became that turncoat everyone just loves to roast.

But for a short while there, we were with you, Harry. We felt you.