LOOK: Halsey stanned BTS hard during their reunion in Seoul

Gelo Lasin

Halsey is such a huge fan of BTS

The ‘Closer’ singer couldn’t resist meeting up with her ‘inspirations’ while she was in Seoul for her own show.

Halsey tweeted two fun pics featuring the band with members J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, V, and Suga, with Halsey mentioning that she couldn’t miss not seeing the guys and expressing that she’s ‘HELLA proud’ for the boys’ upcoming concert at Staples Center.



Fans couldn’t help but notice that Jin was absent in the group pic, but one user amusingly remedied it



Others couldn’t help but point out Jungkook’s new, blindingly orange hair




BTS even gave Halsey chocolates as a gift, and the American singer responded by posting and giving thanks on her IG story.



BTS and Halsey fans alike couldn’t contain themselves over the reunion, with one commenting about the duo’s strong bond



To which the singer replied



Here’s hoping that we get a collab sometime in the near future

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