‘Once in a blue moon’

Though there won’t be any parties this year, the spooky szn is still very much alive as we’re getting an ultra-rare full ‘blue moon‘ on Halloween night this October 31.

The phenomenon only happens when there are two full moons twice a month, with this only occurring rarely on Halloween night. Consider us lucky.

‘Since the lunar cycle is 29 days and most months have 30-31 days, we eventually find a situation where a full moon occurs at the beginning and the ending of the same month,’ PAGASA explained, as the first full moon this month happened on October 2.

Despite the name, PAGASA emphasized that the moon won’t actually be blue that night, as the astronomical term is simply inspired by the 400-year old phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ given its rarity.

Apparently, only smoke and dust particles brought to the atmosphere by massive volcanic eruptions or forest fires can cause the moon to appear blue.

blue moon halloween, <b> Halloween night is bringing an ultra-rare blue moon </b>
Manila Bulletin

Per the Farmer’s Almanac, the last time there was a full blue moon to occur in all the time zones during Halloween was back in 1944. The next full moon on Halloween visible worldwide could be 57 years from now in 2077.

In case you were hoping for a supernatural occurrence (more than what 2020 has bought so far), NASA lunar scientist Sarah Noble quickly shut it down saying ‘there is no significance to the blue moon — none at all.’

‘It is a folklore thing.’

Either way, we’re basking in the glow 

blue moon halloween, <b> Halloween night is bringing an ultra-rare blue moon </b>

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