North x South flings? This app suggests halfway date ideas for long-distance landians


No more unfair date locations

Commuting navigation app Sakay.PH has rolled out a new feature that’ll finally save the trouble of one too many misleading ‘kItA TaYo HalfWay‘ dates.

With ‘Sakay Halfway‘, the app slash desktop feature makes planning LDR dates as easy as letting the system decide – minus the Black Mirror creepiness.

Let’s say, a date between you and your non-existent partner in QC:

Your first have to enter you and your date’s locations. The pinned spots are pretty straightforward, just don’t mind the cheesy ‘My Only One‘/Labidabs/Bb Boo’ names for your SO.

Once the locations are pinned, Sakay’s navigation map calculates your real midway point (no more unfair guessing) and nearest restos and landmarks for your choosing.

The feature even shows commute routes you can both follow so no one gets lost on the way.

As for our date, we’re not really sure why a hotel is the first suggestion, but we’ll take it easy and settle with a cafe for now.

Lo and behond, a distance-friendly date between just about anyone from any distance – without all the North vs. South debacle.

We can’t say what’s in store for LDR, but programs like this are making the already tedious task of dating in PH’s BS transport system way easier. And if the date goes bad, you’re halfway home anyway.

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