Haggling 101: The Art of Surviving Greenhills

The ever timeless haggling spot in the Philippines: Greenhills.

Greenhills, Haggling 101: The Art of Surviving Greenhills

This is where my momma brought me when I was young. And this is still where I go to now in my 21 years of living whenever I want to get a good deal on some really cheap retail therapy.

My mom would usually bargain and hihingi ng tawad whenever we would come here and at some points, it gets to when my mom would walk away from a stall. But for some magical reason, the tindera would chase after my mom, telling her she would settle for the price my mom wanted. Just amazing tawad skills my momma has.

Now that I’m in the real world fending for myself, earning a living and making a name of my own, I’ve included in my Things to Master list my mom’s most skillful craft: Haggling (Joke lang, ‘ma, love you).

Haggling 101

You have to explore.

Greenhills is a big whole pile of gadgets, clothes from top to bottom, furniture, figurines, video games and trinkets galore in each and every part of it. So you have to bear in mind that if there’s one thing here, there’s another piece of that elsewhere. Sometimes it’s hard to find, sometimes it’s pretty out in the open. But with that reminder, if something doesn’t fit your budget and the seller doesn’t agree with your price, just walk away. There are plenty of fish out in the sea of Greenhills stalls.

You have to ask the last price.

Some people think it’s embarrassing to ask the last price for an item, but essentially, you’re just being practical about it. Why get something for more when you can get it for less? I got a longsleeved shirt for P250 instead of P500-800 from the likes of H&M, or F21. So that’s pretty awesome too.

You have to be frank.

When they ask you what your budget is, tell them the lowest price you can offer (Also because they probably are getting a kickback anyway from selling the item, even when they tell you they aren’t). And you have to be frank with your offer, unless your offer is actually unreasonable (i.e. P800 dress and your budget is P100. Wag barat bes).

You have to compromise.

It’s like a relationship. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise. It’s what moves us along.

But really though. If you’re happy with a certain price both you and the seller agree on, go on and get it!

It has to be a good deal for both of you, so don’t forget, if you don’t like the price, just walk away. Malay mo, baka habulin ka pa.

You have to have self-control.

Don’t overspend. For the love of God and your wallet, don’t overspend and get everything that looks shiny and shimmery to you. Limit yourself to a fixed budget for a gadget or certain clothes you want and you’re good to go!


Don’t forget the best part: Enjoy the glory of hunting down a certain item you want because there’s something magical about it, almost refreshing when you finally find something for a price lower than your expectations. So go! Shop ‘til you drop and make the world a better place!

Greenhills, Haggling 101: The Art of Surviving Greenhills