Hachikō now waits for his owner’s return with the unlikeliest companion – a cat

Gelo Lasin

Japan’s most loyal dog has finally found someone to wait for his owner with – and we can’t help but be a little teary-eyed.


For those who aren’t in the loop, Hachikō was an Akita who would wait for his owner’s return at the same spot near Shibuya station every day. One day, the owner tragically died before he ever got home, which left Hachikō waiting for a reunion that never came.

Even with his owner’s long period of absence, the Akita never stopped waiting until his dying day.

The statue of the popular canine now shares the spotlight with a cat out of all animals. The adorable kitty often visits the famous Japanese statue, and seems to be content with just napping between Hachiko’s legs.


Hachiko’s new feline friend appears to have an owner as it looks well-fed and groomed, and sometimes even well-dressed. It can be seen during the earlier half of the day, a time when there are not too many people around.

The cat doesn’t act as a disturbance either, as it’s content to just mill around the immortalized dog’s statue as tourists pass by and take pictures.

We, for one, are just happy that Hachikō finally has someone to keep him company

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