Guess what Gordon Ramsay said to this Filipino who asked what he thought about his fish and chips

We The Pvblic

British celebrity chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay is known for his quirky remarks when it comes to creating food masterpieces and the people he guides.

He’s quite the inspirational talker.

The Hell’s Kitchen celebrity chef is actually very inspiring.

You get the picture. Anyways, he’s been real active on Twitter as the pvblic tweets and asks him to rate their meals.

As always, the motivational speaker.

He gets witty at times.

Sometimes, someone gets the coveted accolade from him. Some very, VERY few times.

With that matching “thx”

This Filipino asked him what he thought about his fish and chips and well, he got his reply.

Gordon Ramsay is a savage. 11/10 for us.


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