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‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ will apparently have a female playable character


A franchise first

The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (GTA) franchise has had its fair share of diverse and colorful characters through the years, but in true Rockstar Games fashion, it hasn’t really featured much of the female POV – save for, you know, prostitutes.

For their forthcoming sixth installment, however, leaks suggest that players can finally have the choice to play as a woman – running over pedestrians and killing gangsters in that elegantly feminine way.

The news comes from gaming site Viral Junkie’s CEO Tom Henderson, who blatantly revealed via Twitter that there will be a playable female and male protagonist. Tom has been a longtime insider himself, with his expertise ranging from calling Call of Duty’s 2020 delay to COD: Modern Warfare’s 2021 sequel.

If true, this could be the first time that GTA has made the gender switch in its 23-year history.


Despite still being unconfirmed by Rockstar, some are already claiming it could be a breath of fresh air for the franchise, as it’s since dropped numerous other male-dominated games in the past years like ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ and ‘L.A. Noir’, among others

‘A playable, voiced female protagonist would definitely be a first for the series. Rockstar could continue on this track by addressing one of the franchise’s most glaring narrative flaws while delivering an experience that no other GTA game has ever done before,’ says Screenrant.

With ‘GTA V‘ dropping almost 8 years ago in 2013, we ain’t saying no to the possibility of GTA VI finally gaining a new approach.

Hopefully no more Rockstar game bugs tho

gta vi female, <b> &#8216;Grand Theft Auto VI&#8217; will apparently have a female playable character </b>

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