Netflix greenlights Greek Mythology anime ‘Gods & Heroes’

Gelo Lasin

Greek Mythology is hella fun.

Sure, the extensive lore can be confusing AF, but its stories filled with tragic heroes, jealous Gods, and mythical monsters are pretty damn entertaining. Just ask Rick Riordan and his ‘Percy Jackson’ series. reports that Netflix is joining in on the fun, as its creating an original anime centered around Greek Mythology called ‘Gods & Heroes.’


The story is reportedly set in a world where Greek Mythology is the norm, with a synopsis that reads:

‘The series tells the story of a young man who, cast aside by his people, learns that he is the illegitimate son of Zeus.

He alone can save both Heaven and Earth, but to do so he must survive the vengeful wrath of a goddess who wants him dead and the monstrous forces of evil she aligns against him.’

Tbh, the plot itself sounds surprisingly similar to a book series which I read back in the day…

The entire voice cast is pretty loaded, with actors coming from various shows like Luke Cage, Agents of Shield and True Detective.

It’ll be developed by the same animation studio behind ‘Castlevania’ and written by the folks behind the Netflix live-action adaptation of ‘Death Note’ (yikes!)

There’s no word yet on a release date, but let’s hope this ambitious project pays off.