Grammarly is going to take care of your typos and brush up on your grammar

Kaka Corral

I can’t tell you how helpful Grammarly‘s been when you’re constantly writing articles on the go, when you’re the type of person to Google words you think are wrong after staring at them for too long.

Well, my workmate introduced Grammarly to me a few weeks ago and I’ve downloaded it on my laptop and trust me — it works wonders. It knows when you’ve made a typo, when you’ve written a word twice, AND it’s free. It’s your personal helper when it comes down to all your grammar needs.

On December 13, Grammarly announced that it’ll finally bring its virtual keyboard to Android after launching on iOS sometime in November. It constantly checks if you’ve made an error in your sentence, and I’ve made some in the making of this article and I’ve got to tell you, it’s foolproof.

Thank you for constantly having my back for whatever grammar errors I’ve committed, Grammarly. You’re the best.

So do you have a friend you should recommend it to?

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