Grab PH’s ‘Quiet Mode’ could help you avoid unwanted small talks


Not everyone is down to have short-lived conversations. People who want to ditch the awkward talks in a ride-sharing service could make use of Grab Philippines’ new feature. The app is testing an option that would allow drivers to know if a passenger wants a small talk-free ride.

While you can avoid unwanted discussions with the ‘Quiet Mode’ feature, it doesn’t mean that the driver won’t address you in any way. It will only limit your exchange to booking-related inquiries, such as preferred routes, stopovers, and other important protocols.

According to, selected users might have seen an auto-generated message when they book a ride. It states, ‘For a conversation-free ride, please respond ‘Quiet’ to this message. You may ignore this if you have no preference.’

The prompt also clarified that the feature is only “a trial to help [them] and [their] driver-partners understand [their] passengers’ preferences.”

Grab Quiet Mode, <b> Grab PH&#8217;s ‘Quiet Mode’ could help you avoid unwanted small talks  </b>

The Quiet Mode feature’s beta testing started on April 4 and it’s tentatively scheduled to last until June. Grab will decide if the ride-sharing app will permanently add the option depending on feedback from passengers who encountered the prompt.

Other transportation apps like Uber offers a similar option to their users, who have the option to choose among “Quiet Preferred,” “Happy to Chat” or “No preference.” Meanwhile, Lyft also tested a ‘Zen Mode’ feature to indicate if passengers want a peaceful and quiet trip.

Filipino passengers might find the Quiet Mode feature useful, especially those who don’t really have the time to listen to kwentos of others or those who would rather listen to music. Keep your fingers crossed until Grab ultimately adds this as a permanent option.

Grab Quiet Mode, <b> Grab PH&#8217;s ‘Quiet Mode’ could help you avoid unwanted small talks  </b>

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