‘Goodbye Philippines’ is an insult to frontliners

Soon after President Duterte was granted ’emergency powers’ by Congress to combat COVID-19, the term ‘Goodbye Philippines’ trended. It seems that the prospect of giving more influence to a person who hasn’t really been the definition of sensibility proved to be too much.

frontliners, <b> &#8216;Goodbye Philippines&#8217; is an insult to frontliners </b>

But here’s the thing: ‘Goodbye Philippines’ not only reeks of privilege, but it’s actually an insult to frontliners, medical workers, or to anyone committed to making things better.

Yes, things are far from ideal. Yes, our government f*cked up by not being proactive. Yes, our officials blatantly prioritized China’s feelings over the Filipino pvblic. If not for these missteps, we might not have had to resort to a full-scale lockdown of Luzon, which now endangers the economy and the poor.

But now is not the time to give up. Not when doctors are doing their best to treat patients, even in the absence of PPEs. Not when essential personnel battle the mental toll of potentially bringing the virus to their families.

We are calling the attention of DOH or kung sino mang ahensya na maaaring makapag-supply sa amin ng Personal Protective…

Posted by Tes Depano on Thursday, March 19, 2020


All of these individuals are literally out there risking their lives – and yet they’re still here. All that is being asked from those who tweeted ‘Goodbye’ in the comforts of their sofas is to stay at home.

Sure, we can feel glum from time to time. Quarantines aren’t exactly morale boosters. But let’s do all our frontliners a favor and shut the hell up about throwing in the towel. No one needs to hear that right now, especially from people who have the luxury of staying indoors.

And if you really have no idea what to do with all of your pent up energy, try donating. Do some volunteer work for those affected the most. Write on We The Pvblic and call out privileged pricks.

Do anything aside from giving up. We’re pretty sure that the Philippines, despite its urgent needs, wouldn’t mind a shortage of Debbie Downers.


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