We’re gonna have a BF: ‘White Chicks 2’ is in the works!

We The Pvblic

WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BF and if you don’t know what that means, you are not living.

Marlon Wayans told the pvblic that he along with his co-creators are willing to make a long-awaited White Chicks sequel.

On MTV’s Total Request Live, one audience member asked if “White Chicks 2” was actually going to happen.

Is White Chicks 2 happening anytime soon? I don’t know. But there’s been a lot of rumblings happening.

A lot of people want us to do it.

So me and my brothers have been talking. So if things go right, we hope to do a White Chicks 2.

The story follows two disgraced FBI agents who try to redeem themselves by going undercover to protect the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.

We aren’t going to miss out on the new yo mama jokes.

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