Goldilocks gave this girl a sorry cake for terrifying her with Juday’s standee and it was delightful

Kaka Corral

This girl just had the fright of her life one night when she noticed something strange in the second floor window of the closed store of Goldilocks.

It was none other than our favorite clapback artista of our childhood: Judy Ann Santos.

Poor Juday’s standee was just standing and greeting passersby with a cake made of love and cardboard.


Needless to say, the tweet blew up and everyone wanted a piece of it

And when the good-humored bakeshop saw the tweet, they made a sorry cake for scaring the shit out of her

It really reads: Sorry na, Bes!

All is well in the world.

It’s not about the money, mo—or is it?

Can we have free cake too, beshie Goldi?

We hope it all works out with her and crushie!

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