Ngl, GMA’s ‘Voltes V Legacy’ looks pretty sick

I wasn’t around when Voltes V first aired, but the way my parents describe it, it was the Holy Grail of afternoon cartoons. With GMA’s second trailer for ‘Voltes V Legacy’, I felt a slight tinge of the same hype.

The new tease revisits the first trailer‘s setup shots of (*boots Google*) Camp Big Falcon and the skull-shaped ship of (*scrolls Wikipedia*) the Boazanian Empire, apparently the big bad of the series.

What the teaser actually adds is a battle sequence featuring the Voltes V vehicles, as well as a pretty epic Pacific Rim-esque shot of our title character during a climactic showdown. Look, I have zero knowledge of the anime’s lore, but that doesn’t stop me from smiling during this scene.

Voltes V, <b> Ngl, GMA&#8217;s &#8216;Voltes V Legacy&#8217; looks pretty sick </b>

According to series director Mark Reyes, GMA along with Riot Inc. are handling the CGI and animations, subject to the supervision and approval of Toei Animation. The Japanese studio has produced several classics over the years, such as Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, Digimon, and One Piece.

A long-standing rumor is that production of the entire series will be finished before the first episode even goes on air. This is to ensure a respectable quality, which if we’re being brutally honest, has been lacking in the network’s previous shows.

Sadly, there is still no news of a release date, even if it’s been a year since the project was first teased. Still, fingers crossed GMA delivers and Voltes V’s new legacy is a good one.