Gigi De Lana had the Internet talking with her rendition of Roselle Nava’s ‘Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita’. The straightforward cover turned into a display of vocal prowess, after bandmates pranked the singer by changing the key several times during the performance.

In a country that prides itself on its singing capabilities, impressive feats such as Gigi’s is a good way to go viral. As of writing, a snippet of the ‘challenge’ has around 18 million views on Facebook and YouTube combined.

Being naturally curious, we decided to check out the newest toast of the Internet. She currently boasts 2M followers on Facebook, 1.3M on YouTube. Her live performances, called #GGVibes, consistently hover in the hundreds of thousands in engagements. Her latest episode, which we got to watch, peaked at 48k concurrent viewers.

Given the impressive numbers, it’s easy to see that Gigi is more than just her viral prank. But her platform’s rise to prominence is more than just its lead.

The authentic vibe

It would be easy to credit all of Gigi’s success to herself. First, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Second, she is flexible in her performances. One moment, she’s grooving to Starship’s ‘Never Gonna Stop Us’. The next, she’s crooning to ‘When I Met You’ by Apo Hiking Society.

The looks, the talent, it’s all there.

But what truly separates GG Vibes from the other countless live streams is that it feels ‘authentic’, thanks in large part to the chemistry between Gigi and her equally talented band members.

At this point, authenticity is a tired buzzword when it comes to making it big on social. But it is a cliche for a reason. With GG Vibes, each episode feels like a chillnuman session with close friends, complete with fun banters, quips, and of course, laughter.

In an interview with Rappler, Gigi credits the seamless vibe with the fact that all of the members are friends in real life. They bond outside of performances and are not afraid of being honest with each other’s missteps.

‘[The energy] is unexplainable. Bihira sa banda yung magkaibigan talaga, as in bonding after tugtog’, said Gigi. ‘We listen to each other…may points na nagkaka-tampuhan, nagkaka-inisan, pero it’s part of a growing group, growing team’.

The show fills the gig-shaped void left behind by shuttered lounges and bars around the metro. It’s 2-hours of recapturing the ‘Okay pa ba kayo dyan?’ moments, where performers aren’t afraid to get casual with their audience.

Gigi De Lana, <b> Gigi De Lana has one of the more entertaining live shows right now </b>

So if you ever find yourself some free time during late nights on Wednesdays and Saturdays, consider tuning in to Gigi and her band’s live stream. With good vibes in short supply nowadays, there is a surplus to be found with the crew.