How to go to Camp Sawi and retreat in Kota Beach

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Where else can broken hearts go aside from Sagada, you ask?

Take a load off and feel Mr. Sun all around you in this cozy little island called Kota Beach in Bantayan Island made famous by the movie Camp Sawi.

The movie revolves around the stories of Andi Eigenmann, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Kim Molina, Arci Muñoz who all just wants to mend their hearts and heal over time.

And that’s just what the resort aims to do for you: It’ll take you far away to mend your tired hearts from the difficulties of city life.

“You have enough. You do enough. You are enough.”

Meet new people at the entertainment hut

If you thought it was beautiful in the daylight, you should see it when it gets dark.

How to get there: 

From Cebu North bus terminal, take a bus going to Hagnaya Port (3-4hrs) and ride a ferry boat to Bantayan Island (1 hr). From there, you can rent a motorbike to explore.

You can beach hop to Ogtong cave, Kota beach, Anika beach and you can hire a private boat to Virgin island.

Once you get there: enjoy, forget your worries, and heal.

From #CampSawi to #CampWagi.
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