Y’all are insane

If you’re the type who has passionately followed the three-way issue between Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto, and Bea Alonzo, then you’d probably be happy to know that all three are now beating the ever-living crap out of one another – virtually, that is.

Facebook MagicStone Gaming has been live-streaming a modded version of WWE 2K19 featuring Anderson, Barretto, and Alonzo, as well as their past flings Joshua Garcia and Kim Chiu. The stream features various matches: 1v1, Hell in a Cell, a tag team match (we’ll let you guess who’s partnered with who), and more.

Regardless if it’s therapeutic for the haters or just a source of hilarity for us bystanders, the reception has been insane, with one stream notching around 17k likes, 13k shares, and 821k views.

Still, MagicStone Gaming maintains that all of these are just for fun and entertainment. If only we could say the same about the IRL mess.