Someone paired every Disney Villain with a gay stereotype and the results are hilarious

Gelo Lasin

This is freakin awesome!

Twitter user  @_Hate_Holly_ collected every Disney villain in existence and matched them to each gay stereotype that they represent – and it’s just too perfect.


Holly chimed in with HuffPost, saying that she thinks that “these characters were intended to be portrayed as gay” and the fact that all of them are villains is very telling of Disney’s approach towards the LGBTQ community.

She also adds that unpacking the gay coding in Disney films is important because “it goes against the claim that I often hear, that being queer is something new or a ‘trend.’ Queer people have always been around and always been influencers ― they just weren’t given the credit.”



She also finds the pvblic’s reaction to this relevation amusing, saying that it justifies the fact that LGBTQ people are “multifaceted just like any other people” and “their sexuality doesn’t always have to be the focus.”



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