Japan rolls out ‘Gaming Bed’ so you never have to leave your room again


Bed all day, BRB

Japanese furniture company Bauhette has introduced a new invention that will revolutionize the gaming community to never ever see another person again. Meet the ‘Gaming Bed‘ – it’s exactly what you think it is.

‘When you wake up, you have to move from your bed to your desk. It seems simple, so why does it always feel like such a hassle? The Gaming Bed solves this problem.’ Bauhette shared.

We can only wish we had that first-world problem, TBH.


The contraption acts like a gaming set-up/bed with a monitor desk at the foot of the bed and racks for controllers, keyboards, and other accessories. It even comes with a fricking hands-free phone holder behind the headboard.

Have to face the worried looks of your family over dinner? Fret not, as the setup includes snack drawers, cup holders, and even ramen cup holders. We just have to fit a microwave in there somehow.

Ironically enough, the ‘Gaming Bed‘ only comes in a single sized bed. The full setup goes for a pretty heavy ¥‎113,250 yen (PHP 53,000+).






Banner and article photos from soranews24.com