Game of Thrones FINALLY took pity on us and released Season 8 footage

Gelo Lasin

I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about how much I hate HBO and its unofficial ban on anything related to Game of Thrones.

Not only did they make us wait for TWO FREAKING YEARS for Season 8 to air (which on hindsight, is understandable, coz you can’t rush perfection), but they’ve virtually released ZERO promo materials in the same span of time (save for that shitty trailer), even if the show’s return is due in three months!

But now, HBO has finally stopped dicking around and gave us a glimpse of GoT’s final season – and I’m screaming! Yes, it’s only a four-second clip, and yes, we still deserve a full-scale trailer, but my gahd, this release is like water in a long terrible drought.

In this teaser, it seems that Daenery’s arrival in Winterfell won’t sit well with the Northmen, as seen with Sansa Stark’s smug welcome greeting.

We couldn’t really give a damn if that already seemed obvious judging by the events that happened last season because, as of now, this is the closest thing to get to seeing what was promised in the show’s final run:

And it’s that shit’s about to go down.

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