Wait, did Game of Thrones just reveal a third Targaryen?

Gelo Lasin

*Heavy spoilers ahead*

ICYMI, the trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones just dropped (hallelujiah!) and it gave us a ton of awesome shots of the final battle that is to come.

But amidst all of the intense scenes, one of the standouts was that we finally get a glimpse at the Golden Company who appears to be led by a mystery blonde commander.

To recap, Euron Greyjoy was previously tasked by Cersei back in Season 7 to hire the mercenary group as reinforcements for the war.

Unless the show deviates from the book (again), the reveal is, in my opinion, easily the most overlooked part of the trailer.

Now, take note that while the OG books are pretty awesome, they have a pretty extensive (and confusing) lore behind them. I’ll try to dissect this as simple as I can without blowing your mind.

In the books, the Golden Company was founded by members of House Blackfyre who lost the brutal Blackfyre Rebellion and were subsequently exiled to the East.


House Blackfyre, in turn, was founded by Targaryen bastard Daemon Blackfyre, which technically makes all of his people (including the exiled ones) illegitimate descendants of the Targaryen bloodline.


Hell, even the family sigil is an inverted version of the Targaryen symbol.



So it stands to reason that our Mystery Blonde Commander could be a Blackfyre descendant, making him a somewhat distant relative to Daenerys and Jon Snow a.k.a Aegon Targaryen.


You could listen more to this theory here (skip to 3:58)

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