Gabriela Partylist proposes bill providing paid menstrual leave


Women’s issues are under the spotlight in Philippine legislation this Women’s Month.

Gabriela Partylist Rep. Arlene Brosas filed a measure that seeks to grant women and individuals who get their periods a two-day paid “menstrual leaves” per month.

House Bill 7758, also known as the “Menstrual Leave Act,” seeks to provide women with “flexibility and support” to manage their reproductive health.

“According to Hum Reprod Update, between 45 and 95% of menstruating women suffer from primary dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation. MRS patients are also found to have lower scores in several domains of quality of life during their periods, such as general health, physical, mental, social, and occupational functioning,” the bill’s explanatory note read.

The bill also stated other countries that have progressive legislation in place on menstrual health such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

“As many local government units in the Philippines lead the implementation of such pro-women legislation, the national government must also pass a law to institutionalize menstrual leave with 100% daily remuneration to all female employees in the private and public sectors,” Brosas said.

According to the proposed measure, menstrual leaves granted by the act shall be non-cumulative and non-convertible to cash. These leaves should also not be construed as diminishing existing maternity benefits.

The menstrual leave bill isn’t the only proposal in the House of Representatives tackling women’s issues. On March 21, a bill allowing women to retain their maiden surnames passed its final reading before the chamber.

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