G-Force founder says ‘there’s no excuse’ for GirlTrends dance blunder


A legend speaks out

G-Force founder and choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy recently gave her two cents on the GirlTrends dance blunder that earned the ire of the Internet.

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Speaking to DZMM, the veteran dancer was both sympathetic and critical of the girl group, saying that while there must be a reason behind the performance, said reason is still ‘not an excuse.’

You said yes to a project dapat ibigay mo yung all.‘, she chimes. ‘I think nagkulang lang sa time management, so pagdating ng ensayo nagkukulang.

GirlTrends became the Internet’s laughingstock after a less-than-stellar dance cover of Sam Smith’s ‘How Do You Sleep’.

Member Mica Javier previously tweeted that lack of prep time was the cause for the lackluster outing.


Still, Georcelle was optimistic about the girl group’s future performances.

‘With right performance, ample time, syempre mas magging okay. It’s a process. Surrender lang yan.’ she muses.

‘Yung mga ganong pagkakamali sa buhay, dapat talaga ginagamit natin as motivation.’

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