FUNNY: We all have a ‘Marjorie’ in our squads!

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In a squad, there’s the smart one, the emotional one, the goofy one, the chill one, and then there’s the mali-mali one, the one that’s prone to committing hilarious mistakes.

We think we’ve found our favorite mali-mali and her name is Marjorie.

The Facebook page RAFSkenstein posted a video of a group of friends happily singing “Happy Birthday” to one of their members who was holding a cake with a single lit candle.

At the end of the song, their mali-mali friend Marjorie got confused and hastily blew the candle on the cake instead of allowing the celebrator to do it!

The group burst into gut-wrenching laughter with the celebrator asking between heaves of hysterical giggles, “Bakit nya hinipan?… Birthday ba nya?” (Why did she blow it? Is it her birthday?)

The video is funny AF! And its title is quite on point – Bakit??!! Bakit hinipan ni Marjorie?!?

While we continue laughing, we demand an explanation, Marjorie!

Enjoy the video here:

Yung BES mong mas excited pa magBlow ng candle kahit hindi naman sya ang may birthday! ??©️Alvin Magsisi“Bakit hinipan ni marjorie?!”

โพสต์โดย RAFSkenstein บน 10 มีนาคม 2018