Apparently, Walmart is now selling ‘Frozen Filipino’

Gelo Lasin

Look, I know we Filos can be delicious to look at (have you seen Paulo Avelino?), but that’s no reason to just start selling us off like this.

In a post by Hazel Ponce, American retail giant Walmart appeared to mislabel a section for its frozen Pinoy food products, which now amusingly reads ‘Frozen Filipino.’

Omg no!!!!???

Posted by Hazel Ponce on Sunday, 16 September 2018


While it isn’t clear if the typo is exclusive to this particular outlet, fellow Filos didn’t seem to mind the funny typo – and even took it in stride.

Try niyo guys. Maybe your sawi selves can finally find ‘The One’, who might just be hiding behind the fridge.

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