#FriendshipGoals: Two Chickenjoy buckets are better than one

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You know the friendship is real when you share two Chickenjoy buckets together.

Twitter user @neildexter spotted what seems to be two Koreans feasting on separate Chickenjoy buckets and we’re sure this is what friendship really is.

Although it wasn’t stated if the two were actually Koreans, we’re pretty sure everyone, especially Asians, love chicken.

The fried-chicken-and-beer combo otherwise known as chi-maek (Chicken and Maekju [Korean word for beer]) is popular in Korea. Of course there’s no beer at Jollibee, but at the very least, they’ve got their fried chicken fix.

“Since pretty far back, [chicken and beer] just came up as being together. It just naturally happened,” Song Gyung-shim, the owner of Man-Man Han Chicken and Beer, said to VICE.

“Everyone—young, old, children—everyone loves chicken. That’s why it’s so popular,” Song adds.

Case closed — fried chicken is love.


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