FRESH GRADS CHECK THIS OUT: ‘Jobayan’ makes job hunting so much easier!

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Your final sem in college is almost over, and while you’re excited to finally forget all about memorizing lessons and writing academic papers, there comes a more challenging chapter in your life. In fact, it’s the first part of the so-called “real life” and “adulting” phase—job hunting.

It’s daunting to find yourself having to sit down and reflect on which career you should be taking. There are just so many things to consider—practicing your skills and expertise, the direction you want your career to be going, location, salary, company profile, and the list just goes on and on.

Now here’s the thing, we’re not writing this to try and overwhelm you. Nor are we trying to be like those pesky relatives who ask the same questions over and over about what do you wanna do and where do you wanna work?

But once the after-college-celebratory mood has passed, job hunting is something we all have to face. It’s a good thing applying to companies are easier thanks to the internet. Job postings are easily found with just a click of a button, and resumes can be sent without you having to leave your house.

If you’re graduating this year (or you’re just looking for a new job to land), we found the perfect website that simplifies the whole job application process.

Job hunting at Jobayan just asks you for four things: Your name, your email address, the position you want in a company, and the area you wish to work at. It takes less than a minute to set up your profile. Jobayan then filters through its job postings to find you a company match.

But unlike dating app Tinder, you know your matches at Jobayan has a future—your future, to be precise. On its website, you’ll also find a cheesy hugot line that goes “Here in Jobayan, there’s no forever in job hunting!” And that’s exactly what we all wish for, right?

When stumbling upon other job postings you may want to take your chances on, simply click the heart button and that will let the company know you are interested in their open position. Jobayan will then automatically send your details to them.

The same thing goes for corporations, they can let you know if they’re interested in hiring you with just by tapping that pink heart button.

You’ll never miss a job match, too. You can easily link your Facebook profile and mobile phone to get notifications from Jobayan opportunities anytime.

Jobayan was only established last April 2017, but you can already find more than 15,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs listed on its website. You never know, your dream company might be hiring!

Happy job hunting!