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The priest you thirsted over is actually older than he looks


Over the weekend, the Internet thirsted over pictures of one Fr. Ferdinand ‘Ferdi’ Santos, a priest seemingly blessed with strong cheekbones and a face sculpted by God himself. It was slightly weird to see women beg a man of the cloth to whip them with a rosary, but hey, everyone has their fetishes, so who we are to judge?

But amidst his admirers’ request to forgive them for having sinned, Fr. Ferdi himself has come out to say that the photos are not totally accurate, and that he’s actually far older than he looks.

ferdi, <b> The priest you thirsted over is actually older than he looks </b>

Fr. Ferdi, left confused with the fanfare, clarified that he has been in service for 22 years, meaning that admirers expecting to meet his 30-year-old self would be left severely disappointed. He also clarified that the photos are not edited, but merely outdated.

As proof of his current looks, he posted a selfie with Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of the Diocese of Cubao. Don’t get us wrong, he’s still a good-looking dude, but not just as ‘youthful’ as we’ve all been led to believe.

‘The photos people have drawn from my FB page span 17 years! But no, they were not edited. I don’t have the sophistication or the time to waste to do that kind of work’, wrote Fr. Ferdi.

‘So please don’t expect to see or meet my 30+-year-old self. I’ve been a Roman Catholic priest for 22 amazing years and I’ve been happy and fulfilled in every single one of them’.

Apparently, the fanfare started when a fellow priest, Fr. Ranhilio Cailangan Aquino, introduced Fr. Ferdi as a licensed fitness instructor with a doctorate in Philosophy. He is also a former Rector of St. John Vianney Seminary in Florida, USA, who has since returned to working in depressed parishes in the Philippines.

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