Let’s be real: Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, but not ‘self-made’

Gelo Lasin

Here we go again


ICYMI, Forbes previously projected that Kylie Jenner would eventually become the youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire ever.

The U.S. mag received a ton of backlash for using the term ‘self-made’, since capitalizing on being born into a wealthy and influential family doesn’t exactly scream ‘rags to riches’.


Skip ahead a year later, and Kylie has finally hit the $1 billion mark, with Forbes making an announcement AGAIN to make it official this time.


As predicted, the pvblic was far from happy.

Hell, even the Dictionary is throwing shade


Others were a bit more…uhh… ‘straightforward’ with their disapproval









For the record, no one is dissing on Kylie’s success here. Being a billionaire at 21 ain’t an easy feat, regardless of background. It still requires grit, determination, and exceptional business acumen.

But it would be totally delusional to say that she didn’t have a headstart in promoting her image or ventures. We should at least be real when it comes to that.

Now excuse me while I cry over my bank account.

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