Forbes names Angel Locsin ‘Hero of Philanthropy’ for 2019

We stan a generous queen

Angel Locsin’s humanitarian efforts for 2019 have not gone unnoticed, as Forbes recently dubbed the actress as one of ‘Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy: Catalysts of Change’

SM Prime Director Hans Sy is the only other Filipino on the annual list, which recognizes individuals committed to ‘solving some of the most pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific.’

Angel locsin, <b> Forbes names Angel Locsin &#8216;Hero of Philanthropy&#8217; for 2019 </b>

Forbes highlighted Angel’s work on the October Mindanao earthquakes, as well as her support for causes such as educational scholarships, advocating for the rights of indigenous people, and ending violence against women and children.

After earthquakes hit Mindanao island in October, Locsin donated 1 million pesos ($19,000) and distributed truckloads of relief supplies to affected residents.’ reads the write-up.

‘Her donations have also helped roughly 500 families hit by some of the country’s largest disasters: Tropical Storm Ondoy in 2009, Typhoon Habagat in 2012 and Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, one of the deadliest storms on record, leaving 6,300 dead.’

Angel locsin, <b> Forbes names Angel Locsin &#8216;Hero of Philanthropy&#8217; for 2019 </b>

But more than the nod, we would argue that the most admirable trait about Angel are her efforts to keep her charitable works lowkey.

She notably skipped this year’s Star Magic Ball, opting to directly donate the money that she would’ve otherwise used for the event. She also attempted to don a disguise while buying relief goods for the Mindanao victims, using a cap as seen above.

Meanwhile, Hans Sy was praised for his effort on Child Haus, which acts as a temporary shelter in Manila for homeless, cancer-stricken kids hailing from provinces.

‘On his 60th birthday in 2015, Sy bought the land for Child Haus’ first location in Manila for $600,000 and paid $1.4 million to build it.’ writes Forbes.


Banner credit: Rogue Magazine