For the lost fresh grad: Now what?

We The Pvblic

College grads are out and you’re here to conquer the world – or are you?

It’s normal for fresh graduates to feel lost after the ceremony high but what do you do when the big WTF DO I DO NEXT suddenly hits you?

First of all, sit down. You need to chill. It may seem overwhelming at first but…it’s definitely overwhelming. So why make matters worse?

Breathe and list down your options. Will you start job hunting? Will you wait a month so you can travel first? Take a gap year so you could pursue your passions? Become self-employed? Whatever your options, go ahead. Write them down.

Clear your head and take a moment to decide on what to do next. Not an hour or two – give it at least a week to simmer.

Stretch, walk around, run, eat well. Take care of yourself. You’ll need your physical, mental, and emotional health in tip top shape for the challenges ahead.

Aaaand have a movie marathon in between, perhaps? Find an inspiring movie or documentary (or TED talk) to push you to be your best self after overcoming one of the most grueling experiences in one’s life…*whispers* college.

No lies – things will feel too much to handle but keep your head up. As was stated in Grit by Angela Duckworth, “Well okay, that didn’t go so well, but I guess I will just carry on. ”

And that’s that.